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Fishing Goals For Compass Rose & Key West Florida Fishing With Captain Mike Weinhofer

My Key West fishing philosophy is that first and foremost you need to understand that fishing of any kind is supposed to be fun. I try to take time to teach my customers so they learn proper technique to make their angling experience easier and more fun. I like to match the tackle to the customer's needs.

Most people do not enjoy three hour battles fighting one fish nor do they enjoy just cranking the fish up with a winch. Matching the tackle also helps in releasing in edible game fish with out killing them.

I'm not saying sometimes we don't get a surprise and get caught with a two hundred pound tarpon on ten pound spinning tackle. **It happens. When it comes to killing edibles for dinner, I have no problem catching enough for dinner but I hate to kill more than we need.

It is your day, you pick the type of fishing you want to do and when. I may suggest something that i think be better but if you have your heart set on dolphin fishing in February when there aren't many here, we can try it. Perfect example is many of my tarpon full days like to take time(45 minutes-an hour) out of the middle of their day to go eat lunch at a water front restaurant. Probably the most important thing when were out fishing is communication. If your not having fun or you want to try something else TELL ME. In the end if we work together we'll have a great day.

At the end of the trip a couple of things will happen, you will have great memories to take home, I'll have made a new friend and you'll come back and fish with me again.

For questions or inquiries about fishing on the Compass Rose, you can call Capt. Mike. Phone number is (305) 395-3474.

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