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Captain Mike Weinhofer

Capt. Mike Weinhofer - Key West Fishing Charter
Mike Weinhofer - Key West Fishing Charter

Key West fishing guide, Captain Mike Weinhofer is originally from Flemington, New Jersey. He ran fishing charters for 18 years with his father John E Weinhofer out of Brielle, New Jersey.

Captain Mike fished the original Jack Tar in tournaments from Cape May White Marlin Open to top Maryland and North Carolina tournaments. He moved to Key West in 1990 and became a full time Key West fishing guide. Besides running charters in Key West he also fishes the top tournaments in the Key West fishing region including the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, and all of the Florida keys.

Captain Mike once owned the Jack Tar 2 sport fishing charter boat which is a 52' Buddy Cannady Custom Carolina. Now as a Key West guide he specializes in Key West light tackle fishing with a 37' SeaHunter center console. Captain Mike has been fishing in Key West for over 20 years now and has become one of the foremost experts in local fish habits and tendencies making him one of the most requested Key West fishing guides.

Captain Mike fishes the Key West reefs, wrecks, offshore, and inshore waters including the Key West Harbor which is inshore. His qualifications in these areas are above reproach and for Key West fishing there aren't many as knowledgeable as Captain Mike. When you spend money to have a great time fishing you most certainly want to catch fish and Captain Mike is the fishing guide that will always deliver results.

But there is something else you should know about Captain Mike. Besides his fishing skills he is also just an all around great guy. He works well with the anglers and customers on his boat. Whether you are a seasoned Key West angler or a novice just enjoying a Vaction in the Keys Captain Mike will take the time to help. If you feel you don't know something just ask Capt Mike as he has the patience for the job. Patience to work with his clients, patience to find the fish, and the all around good nature to make your Key West fishing trip an enjoyable one that you will remember for a long time. Oh and you will catch fish too!

compass rose

Book A Sport Fishing Charter Key West

The 2011 37' SeaHunter, Compass Rose is a Model 37 and almost 39 feet in length. She is an unusually wide beam boat for stability and more fishing room than other boats her size. She is powered with Giant twin V8 Yamaha 350 hp four stroke motors, giving her 700hp to run and get the job done. Not only is she fast but she rides like a dream. I have owned yellowfins, invincibles and many other center consoles and this boat blows them out of the water. The dry, smooth ride is just amazing. If you haven't heard of SeaHunter you will soon. The 10 foot plus beam on this boat adds a tremendous amount of room to the overall size of the boat and just makes fishing on this stable platform a blast. She can go in comfort when others simply sit at the dock. If you notice the full tower with controls on this boat, it gives you a glimpse into this hard core fishing machine. She has full array of electronics from Raymarine twin e120 touch screens on the lower station and an E90wide on the tower to find the fish. Loaded with radar, 3 Vhf's, auto pilot and stereo she is equipped just the way I like it and need it to be, tournament ready at the drop of a hat. The oversized T-Top with the black underside offers a tremendous amount of shade and eliminates all glare off the water. The tower offers me a huge advantage of better sight lines for sight fishing and finding debris. If you have spent time on the water you know there is no substitute for height for seeing tailing fish. The other option on this boat is the 3 live wells carrying well over 250 gallons of live bait, more than any other light tackle boat in Key West. Down below decks she has a full head (toilet) for comfort and privacy. She is designed by fisherman for fisherman to be an ultimate fishing machine.

Key West Florida Fishing fleet

In addition to the 37’ SeaHunter – Compass Rose, Captain Mike's Key West Florida Fishing charter fleet consists of 6 more boats, a 63’ David Carambat Design ship -- Blind Squirrell, a 40’ SeaHunter -- Windy Day, a 24’ SeaHunter bay boat, Shallow Water Adventures, a 26’ T-Craft – Got Tarpon, a 19'6" Willy Roberts carbon kevlar flats boat - Flats4Fun and a 36' Twin Vee Catamaran -- Salt Adventures. Visit to find out more. As you can see, we have every size and style boat to accommodate any fishing trip you prefer.

Blind Squirrel- Key West Fishing Charter
Blind Squirrel
The Blind Squirrel is 63 feet custom built ship with a over 20 foot beam. She has a cockpit the size of three normal sized sportfishers. She is licensed for 41 people for day trips and she can carry up to 12 people on overnight charters.
Compass Rose - Key West Fishing Charter
Compass Rose
The Compass Rose is a Model 37 and almost 39 feet in length. She is an unusually wide beam boat for stability and more fishing room than other boats her size.
>Windy Day - Key West Fishing Charter
Windy Day
The Windy Day is a 40 SeaHunter, a Carbon and Kevlar hull made for performance and it's all about fishing. The overall length of the boat is 42 feet and with Triple 275 hp four stroke motors (825hp) she gets where she wants to go in a hurry.
Shallow Water Adventures - Key West Fishing Charter
Shallow Water Adventures
The Shallow Water Adventures is a technical bay boat, 24 foot SeaHunter. The new generation of bay boats are like flats boats on steroids and they carry up to 4 anglers.
Got Tarpon - Key West Fishing Charter
Got Tarpon
The Got Tarpon is a really unique boat, a 26 foot long T-Craft. T-Crafts have been around the Keys for years. The hull that ran the Keys economy for years.
Flats4Fun - Key West Fishing Charter
The Flats4Fun is a Willy Roberts high end carbon Kevlar flats fishing dream 19'6" capable of carrying 3 anglers in comfort.
Salt Adventures - Key West Fishing Charter
Salt Adventures
The Salt Adventures is a 36 foot long Twin Vee Catamaran. Just from the word catamaran you know she is extremely stable, non rocking and extremly wide with plenty of room for your adventure.

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